Digital Process Management  

Still data but no information available? Come to us and get help with Data cleaning, Data alignment, AI, ML, Deep learning...

Is all your Data available in a digital and structured format? Or do you still use paper based ordering, invoicing and archiving? Is the digitized Data really accessible for advanced analytics that can offer you the necessary insights to potential cost savings in your processes or do you just file scans of your documents to safe space?

We help you to find the best tools, the best process and the best fit to your needs to make your company ready for the digital age.


Collaboration Management

Insecure Data handling? Get our expertise to find trust!

Who are your stakeholders? Do you trust them? By sharing data with them, could you develop an advanced value creating Business model for you, your stakeholders and your industry? What Data needs to stay confidential and only accessible by you? What Data security tools are must? Is Block Chain and distributed database technology an applicable model for you and your peers? Is cloud computing a threat or an opportunity for your business? What Cloud providers are trustworthy and why?

We are here to help you through the jungle.


Advanced Data Analytics for Supply Chain and Value Chain Data

“information is the oil of the 21st Century, and analytics is the combustion engine” (Peter Sondergaard, Gartner Research)

Transform your uncultivated (underused) Data into oil of the 21st century. We are the kick starter for your engine – ML, AI or only clever.

Your data is structured, clean and consistent. What are the right questions to ask to get meaningful answers form you Data? What analytic tools are necessary? What time does it take? Is the investment worthwhile or do we waste our time and money?

We are here to help you find the answers that fit to your Company.


Value Proposition Design for your Digital Business Processes

Explore the value in your Data

Is there value in our Data? Do we have a strategy for the digitization of our market? Should we lead or should we respond? What is the value? Can we monetize it or will it take ages to get a return? Is it only cost cutting or can we set-up new income streams?

We are here to help you find the answers that fit to your Company.